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MINI 3-door Hatch – green  – wheels and tyres MINI 3-door Hatch – green  – wheels and tyres


Fit your ride with some hot MINI Original Complete Wheels. You just need to feel safe when exploring somewhere new and we’ve got you covered with our wide selection of MINI Original Complete Wheels. A cut above the rest, these tyres are perfectly tailored to get the best out of each individual MINI model and your style of driving. Get the right tyres for the season and get the optimal grip for the terrain you’re driving on. With our star-marked tyres from leading manufacturers you will always feel especially safe on the road. All wheels are delivered mounted, balanced, and ready-to-use.


The grip and handling of your tyres depends heavily on their tread depth. With many longitudinal grooves, large tread blocks, an optimal rubber compound for warm temperatures and an adequate tread depth, With our wide range of MINI Original Wheels and Tyres, you will feel confident come rain or shine, or when cruising through any sort of terrain.

Braking distance with thread depth (mm) in wet conditions:

Braking distance with tread depth (mm) in wet conditions


MINI JCW– city – summer complete wheels MINI JCW– city – summer complete wheels

When summer comes, what could be better than loading up your MINI, putting your shades on and heading out on the road. With the world at your wheels, your MINI offers endless possibilities every day. New roads to drive. New places to discover. New memories to make. MINI Original Wheels and Tyres are there for you to maximise your enjoyment and help you get there in more style and safely – whether you're a sports enthusiast or just heading off for a sunny adventure.


Adding MINI Original Wheels, Tyres and Accessories to your MINI is like applying the final brushstrokes to a painting. Take MINI Floating Hub Caps, for example – they round everything off perfectly to turn a cool original into a true MINI masterpiece. 


MINI wheels – tyres – quality star marked benefits MINI wheels – tyres – quality star marked benefits

MINI Original Complete Wheels are all fitted exclusively with star-marked tyres to offer a guarantee of quality and safety assurance. They have been developed in close collaboration with leading manufacturers like Goodyear, Dunlop, Pirelli and Bridgestone and are stringently tested to optimise your MINI’s grip on the road.



All MINI Original Wheels and Tyres are specially developed for that go-kart feeling and to match the style of each individual MINI model.


Each tyre has passed stringent testing with up to 50 different quality criteria (EU Tyre Label demands compliance with only three criteria).


The tyres are perfectly attuned to suspension components and adaptive systems for maximum grip and performance.


Tyres with star marking feature high durability, top safety ratings and state-of-the-art run-flat technology.


The systematic use of special materials reduces fuel consumption and lowers noise levels.


Run-flat technology allows you to keep driving your vehicle for up to 80 km at a maximum speed of 80 km/h straight ahead even if tyres depressurise. That means safety and comfort for you too. It also means you don't need a spare wheel as you can simply drive to your next MINI Service. This means less vehicle weight and more room for luggage and sports equipment.

Without run-flat technology:
MINI wheels and tyres – tyre without run-flat technology
With run-flat technology:
MINI wheels and tyres – run-flat technology


MINI Wheels are engineered and tested to optimise your MINI’s performance and grip. Whether your MINI needs Goodyear, Dunlop, Pirelli and Bridgestone or another premium brand, the 'Star' on the sidewall means the tyre is MINI-approved and it'll give you the best driving experience as it was specifically made for your MINI and manufactured in line with MINI standards. Tyres with the star marking are tested against 50 different quality criteria clustered in six major fields: driving properties, safety, wear, efficiency, comfort, and sports behaviour.



We do not want to reinvent the wheel, but rather bring it to perfection. This spirit is vivid in each Original MINI Wheel. Each wheel is a reflection of our high demands on durability and limits of dynamic, static and simulation testing that goes far beyond legal requirements. The result is a high-quality wheel that you can rely on in every situation – elegant in style, uncompromising in substance.

Original MINI Wheels are cast from molten aluminium. The liquid metal is filled into a mold where it cools before it is removed, strictly monitored by the latest computer technology which guarantees the high quality of our wheels. This casting process reduces costs and allows a high degree of precision and freedom of design. Cast wheels are low in weight and high in stiffness.

In the forging process, the wheel is forged from the solid piece of aluminum. The high-end option is to mill the entire spoke design after forging the base material. Forged aluminium wheels are 10 to 20 % lighter in weight than aluminium cast wheels and allow a more delicate design of the spokes.

Cylindrical flow forming is a pressure forming process. While spinning, pressure is applied to the inner barrel of the cast wheel. This process stretches and compresses the aluminum, which increases tensile strength and makes it possible to achieve particularly low wall thicknesses for the rim. The result is a very light-weight and strong wheel with significant benefits In terms of shock resistance, elongation and load capacity.

This method can also be used for both forged and cast wheels. Here, non-structurally relevant mass on the wheel is reduced by machining of material from the spokes. This further reduces the wheel weight and creates premium styling effects as undercutting between the spoke connection and the well base gives the rim styling a three-dimensional appearance.

Regardless of which manufacturing technologies are used, the surfaces of Original MINI Light Alloy Wheels can be finished in a variety of ways. The basic method – powder coating – makes the wheel resistant to environmental factors such as corrosive de-icing salt. In the past, light alloy wheels were often painted silver with a clear lacquer coating. Today, the BMW portfolio includes numerous designs and refinements that require an elaborate finishing process.


MINI Accessories – cross section – tyres


Original MINI Light-Alloy Wheels are fitted with innovative tyres and feature integral noise dampening for excellent acoustic comfort. A layer of foam on the tyre’s inner surface absorbs the noise produced by vibrations within the tyre’s cavity, which is filled with air causing it to act as a resonator. This leads to a substantial reduction in the level of tyre noise reaching the cabin.


Aerodynamically optimized light-alloy wheels contribute to the lightweight construction and reduce air resistance, further adding to the efficiency of your MINI. Their mostly enclosed surfaces bring about an effective reduction in the amount of air turbulence produced around the wheels. The Air Performance Wheels help to reduce drag in a very innovative way and unite optimised aerodynamic properties with a sophisticated sense of sporty elegance.

MINI Countryman – offroad – wheels and tyres


Our MINI Service Specialists advise you on the ideal choice of wheels and MINI star marked tyres for your vehicle. Only these tyres comply with MINI’s strict quality standards. It goes without saying that we also change, test, service and store your wheels. Whether you are looking for a spare tyre or a complete wheel set, MINI Wheel and Tyre Service always offers first-class products and professional advice. Give your vehicle the tender loving care it deserves. Treat it to a MINI Service at an MINI Authorised Service Centre.

MINI Wheels and tyres – tyre change service MINI Wheels and tyres – tyre change service

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