Mini Connected ready apps.

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Take your favourite apps with you on your drive from a huge range now seamlessly integrated with MINI Connected. From leading music-streaming apps to audio books and the latest location-based services, just download them from the App Store to view on your MINI’s display and access easily via your car’s controls. Plus, with new apps being developed around the clock, there’s always something new to discover.

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Music for every moment. With over 20 million songs that can be put into personalised playlists – you can listen to what you want, when you want. Upgrade from the free account to premium, and you can also store music to play offline. Spotify was the most requested MINI Connected ready app by our customers, and now it’s here for you to enjoy.

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Access around 26 million songs straight from your MINI. The MINI Connected ready app plays music from Amazon Cloud, including whatever you bought as CD or vinyl and those downloaded to your phone. It couldn’t be easier.

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Stitcher gives you access to an award-winning pool of over 25,000 radio shows and podcasts, right from your MINI. Create custom stations and get personalised recommendations based on your taste.

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Get access to over 20 million songs with a monthly subscription. Discover or search artists, and listen to playlists made by yourself or the Napster/Rhapsody editors. You can also tap into hours of pre-programmed radio channels.

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Access over 100,000 audio books. Audible has audio content from books, magazines, radio shows, podcasts, stand-up comedy and speeches. You can also take advantage of Amazon Whispersync technology, which lets MINI owners switch seamlessly between reading a book on Kindle at home to listening to the companion audio book in their car via their iPhone app – without losing their place.

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This clever little app gives you unlimited access to radio stations around the world – free of charge. Take advantage of over 70,000 AM, FM HD and internet radio stations from inside your MINI. This includes radio stations from their original locations and over 2 million streaming programmes from every continent. And if you get TuneIn Radio Pro, you can record programmes for future listening.

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Discover more than 25 million tracks, create your own playlists, and share your favourite tracks. You can also get access to Deezer radio stations and music recommendations, and store music locally on your smart phone.

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Meeting up made easy. Glympse allows MINI drivers to share their location and estimated time of arrival while on route. If you send a ‘Glympse’ to someone, they can see your progress in real time on a dynamic map. Choose who sees where you are and for how long, up to a maximum of four hours.

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From the German television news channel, this app brings you the latest news and weather read out to you in your MINI, some selected news are also read-out by a real anchorman. This is available globally, but only in German language.