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spotless up top.

convertible care.

Be it effective impregnation or intensive cleaning, these products fulfil the highest care demands for your soft top − whatever the weather.


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convertible soft-top cleaning agent.

Convertible Soft-Top Cleaning Agent, 500 ml.
For gently removing general and atmospheric dirt from light and dark soft tops. Contents: 500 ml.

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Impregnating agent for convertible soft top.

Impregnating Agent for Convertible Soft Top, 250 ml.
Impregnating agent with high-quality ingredients for outstanding protection against dirt, moisture and oil. If used regularly, it will also prevent your soft top from fading. Contents: 250 ml.

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convertible care kit.

Convertible Care Kit.
This maintenance kit will keep your MINI Convertible looking as good as new. It consists of an 11-litre bucket for mixing the soft-top cleaning agent (500 ml), the appropriate cleaning sponge and the soft-top impregnating agent (250 ml).

For more info, please contact your nearest MINI Service center.