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glass cleaning.

Be it a quick once-over or a full-scale polish with antifreeze, you'll find just the right product for excellent care of all glass surfaces in your MINI.


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windscreen wash concentrate without antifreeze.

Windscreen Wash Concentrate Without Antifreeze, 50 ml.
A highly concentrated cleaning additive for the wiper fluid reservoir, to be diluted at a ratio of 1:100. Removes dirt, insect remains, pollen, car wax residues and potentially dangerous greasy films, without smearing. Contents: 50 ml.

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glass cleaner.

Glass Cleaner, 500 ml.
Removes greasy and oily stains as well as insect marks and other residue from all glass and mirror surfaces in and on the vehicle. Can also be used on paint and chrome surfaces.

For more info, please contact your nearest MINI Service center.